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Need to Repair Your Favorite Sunglasses? You will be amazed what new lenses can do to restore sunglasses. The Sunglass Fix Lenses have incredible optical clarity, are durable, and in most cases better quality than your original lenses. Satisfaction Guaranteed

Sunglass Fix Sunglass Replacement Lenses for Valley DB - 54mm wide x 45mm tall
Valley DB Sunglass Replacement Lenses - 54mm wide x 45mm tall Installation Difficulty: These..
Sunglass Fix Sunglass Replacement Lenses for Valley Marmont - 52mm Wide
Valley Marmont Sunglass Replacement Lenses - 52mm Wide Installation Difficulty: These Lenses..
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Welp, guess I got to go fishing!

Had an old pair of Smith Mainline that had been degraded to safety glasses due to the scratched lenses. Found your site online and ordered a pair of the brown polarized lenses. They arrived just shy of 4 weeks as expected. Fit like a glove in the existing frames. Can't wait to try them out on the water. The wife might not see me for a while. If they work well I may order a pair of the black mirrored for bluebird days. ;)

Zach williams
Lansing, Michigan
Good as New

Just received my sunglasses, great job, as good as new, thank you.

Flagstaff Hill, Australia
Thrilled Hubby

Thanks for the glasses! They arrived today & hubby is thrilled! The lenses are amazing & look fabulous. Thanks again. We'll definitely call on you for any future lens replacements & mention you to anyone who asks. Easy 5 out of 5 star review!

Calgary, Canada
My favourite Ray Bans live again!

I had long given up hope of being able to use my Ray Bans as the model had been discontinued and Ray Ban were no longer making the lenses - and I had looked everywhere. As a last ditch attempt I looked at The Sunglass Fix. I must admit I was sceptical. At such a relatively low cost, I couldn't see how they could supply lenses made to measure, with the same quality as originally supplied by the manufacturer and ship them to the UK but they did all of the above in no more than 6 days! Fantastic service and will definitely use again and recommend to all of my friends. Thank you.

Jim Sherlock
London, UK
LOVE LOVE LOVE this company!

I am the type of person that cannot fit any type of sunglasses. My weirdly small face means that only a handful of sunglasses in this world will fit without looking like a pair of over sized joke sunglasses (remember the ones from Full House? Yeah, that's regular sunglasses on my face). A few years ago, my friend introduced me to the Spy Abbey sunglasses. They fit like a dream! The only catch is that they were already discontinued, but I lucked out and found a pair of black frames. Life was good, I could see on those extra sunny days...what could possible go wrong? Well, apparently lenses find ways to get scratched, even with the utmost diligence in caring for them. Soon they started to peel until I could no longer see anything when I wore them. I scoured the internet hoping to find some, but all I came across was a pair of white frame Abbey sunglasses on ebay for $70. I seriously considered buying them until my husband pointed out they weren't polarized, and I just wasn't willing to pay that kind of money for sunglasses I'd be settling on. So, the search begun for new sunglasses. We went to the mall and to any possible store that sold sunglasses. Spare parts, The Sunglass Hut, even the drugstore! Although I found one pair I would be willing to settle on, I had a hard time paying the $150 price tag. I decided to think about it while I continued my google search. I looked at dozens of websites and finally came across the Sunglass Fix. Not only did I find the right lenses, but I could get polarized versions, and I even had multiple colorful options. Needless to say, I was skeptical - I could save my favorite pair of sunglasses, upgrade to polarized, and it was going to cost me less than $50??? No way. My husband, growing tired of my hesitations, encouraged me to just go for it. For under $50, what's the worse that could happen? Finally, after a lot of careful considerations, I ordered the lenses. When they arrived, I didn't want to get my hopes up right away. I popped out the old lenses and installed the new lenses. They fit like a dream, it was perfect! Not only did I get new lenses, I was also sent a new soft carrier for my sunglasses. My abbey sunglasses have been saved!! And for much less than the price of a new pair of sunglasses. I could NOT be happier! The inventory, the service, the shipping - it has all exceeded my expectations! If you have a pair of sunglasses you love, don't settle for a new pair - buy new lenses and get back the pair you love!

BC, Canada