5 out of 5 Stars!

Great lenses and service!

Ordered replacement lenses for my Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses after they got scratched. The lenses took 10 days to arrive in the UK, and I had taken the option to pay for the DHL tracking, which was very helpful. The instructions for changing the lenses were very helpful and clear, and I managed to change them easily. The replacement lenses are great and I'm really happy I can use these sunglasses again.
Nico Mouissie
5 out of 5 Stars!

Bolle EUROPIUM 2.0 PERFECT Brown Gradient Lense replacements

Have had 2 pair of Bolle EUROPIUM 2.0 sunglasses for years. Loved the way they looked at how they fit. Replaced the standard green lenses with Polarized Brown Gradient Lenses a few years back. Sunglass Fix just sent me a 20% off email for Black Friday. Used that discount to to order a backup pair of lenses. These lenses are GREAT. The quality is soooo much better then the original Bolle lenses, and they fit my frames perfectly. Love dealing with this company.
James R Bressler
Colorado Springs, Colorado
5 out of 5 Stars!

Very impressive

I was very impressed by the product both in quality and pricing and the customer service is second to none. The shipping time was a bit long but I don't mind...it just adds to the excitement. Will definitely make another purchase soon.
Jose Sedigo
New Zealand
5 out of 5 Stars!

Great product and service.

Having dropped my Ray ban 8307s on a concrete path and cracked one of the lenses I was resigned to replacing them with something cheaper or forking out £160 to replace them. I did a little research on google and came across 'thesunglassfix.com'. Having read numerous reviews I decided to give them a try. I ordered the lenses on 5th November and they arrived on 13th November, a pretty impressive, 8 days from Australia to the Uk.. Fitting the new lenses took 10 minutes including cleaning the 10 year old frames before fitting. The new lenses are a perfect fit, although a sllghtly different shade from the original lenses. Having now worn the glasses on a bright sunny November day I have to say I am most impressed with the quality of these lenses which are every bit as good at cutting out the glare as the originals. Time will tell how tough and scratch resistant they are, however, my first impressions are very favourable and I am more than happy to recommend 'thesunglassfix.com' and their lenses.
Stephen Ridgeway
Canterbury, UK
5 out of 5 Stars!

Where have you been all my life

Ordered and received a set of lenses for my bigbeats and could not be happier. Easy to remove and fit. Best idea ever. Great result and would definitely recommend to others.
Richard Gallagher
5 out of 5 Stars!

Oakley Replacement

Recently replace the lenses on my Oakley Dropin's with the polarized brown lens. It was a perfect fit, fairly easy to replace as well thanks to the videos on the website, the old lenses came out with a little persuasion but the new lens went in so easily and was a perfect fit. The brown lens is slightly more grey brown than the old which was more yellow brown, but it still a great quality lens super clear and polarized which is awesome. Shipping was super quick and I love that I can now repair and repalce the lenses instead of buying a whole new pair, so much cheaper and better than replacing every time. Thanks!
Kirra Coventry
Bendigo, Victoria
5 out of 5 Stars!

ray ban product

very professionals, good quality products, delivered in Canada quickly ! i recommend without hesitation.
Montreal, Canada
5 out of 5 Stars!

Fantastic product & great service

I ordered my replacement lenses with a little trepidation and I have been completely blown away. The choice of colours was fantastic they arrive in 3days and they fit perfectly. I honestly think the lease is a better quality than my originals. The instruction video was easy to follow to complete the repair myself as well. 10/10 such a great experience all round. Thank you SunglassesFix
Rebecca Barry
Brisbane, QLD
5 out of 5 Stars!

Great Product. Top quality. Perfect Fit

Ordered polarized lenses for my Oakley HiJinx Sunglasses. Didn't want to replace these glasses because of how comfortable I find them so getting a better lense than I had in there originally is a win-win. Thanks guys. Very satisfied customer.
Beau Petersen
5 out of 5 Stars!

Super Impressed!

I’ve been hunting for new sunglasses as the lenses are expensive (Prada) I looked up the model which was easy and thought, I’ll take the punt. They arrived quickly and I have to say better than the Prada lens. Thanks so much.
5 out of 5 Stars!


I love my raybans and was devistated when I broke one of the lenses. I ordered from here, they arrived within days and were great quality. Happy customer
Emma Patrick
5 out of 5 Stars!

Wow! Perfect fit!!

Can’t say enough about my purchase.. I’ve been thinking about replacing the lenses on my Prada’s for a few years and was so glad to find they had the item I needed. Ordered from the US & the lenses arrived in no time at all. I was scepticle that they’d fit but, YUP!!!! Perfect! Thanks sunglass fix☺️
Anne Houghton
Calistoga CA
5 out of 5 Stars!

You have now a new supporter in Italy!

Fast delivery accross the world and high quality lenses for my Ray Ban 3526! Why don’t you put your logo in the lenses? Maybe a few cents more for us but your quality has to be recognized! Many thanks again! Walter
Lucca, Italy
5 out of 5 Stars!

Best company I have ever dealt with!

The best customer service I have ever received! Top notch! I will recommend them to all of my family and friends. Great products also. I saved my sunglasses that I paid $350 for. I received new lenses and I love them! There are instructions also for installing new lenses. Super happy! Thank you!
Lisa Rooney
Phoenix, Arizona
5 out of 5 Stars!

custom made lens

Fantastic customer service ,nothing was too much trouble for the team , helpful ,friendly assistance. The quality lens were installed in a handmade model that is no longer made . I was surprised how quickly these then arrived in mint condition just like a quality new pair of sunglasses. You would never know these were not the original lens , the lens were installed matched to perfection. On testing the lens outdoors they were clear and flitered the glare , Thanks for the Great service !!!
5 out of 5 Stars!

Thank you the sunglasses fix!

I have a pair of Chanel sunglasses I bought eight years ago. I called Chanel and they didn’t have it. I was very disappointed and sad thinking I’m not going to wear them again. I read the reviews and I have to say for my own experience that THE SUNGLASSES FIX rocks!!!! Don’t believe those bad reviews! I’m from California and I have to say that the replacement for my sunglasses not just come on time, they fit perfect and look amazing!!!! Just as I expected! Too bad I can’t download some pics! Thank you The sunglasses fix. You just gained another loyal customer!
San Francisco, CA
5 out of 5 Stars!

Oakley and Rayban

Great replacement lens! So easy to change.
Paris France
5 out of 5 Stars!

Good as new

Just received my replacement lenses for my favourite Tom Ford sunglasses. So easy to fit and an excellent speedy service.
5 out of 5 Stars!


Decent delivery times. 9 days from Australia to the UK on the standard shipping option. Thanks sunglasses fix for the quality lenses they have given my vintage frames a stunning new look, they was also very easy to install.
Matt Packwood
5 out of 5 Stars!


I replaced my easily scratched Maui Jim’s and I am very happy with my replacement lenses. I ordered the wrong lens at first and I had a no hassle, send them back, and exchanged for the lenses that I absolutely love! Great customer service and replacement lenses that saved me money! I’ll be telling my friends all about my savings, thank You Sunglasses Fix!
Chino, Ca USA
5 out of 5 Stars!

New life for old sunnies!

Save yourself $200 on a new pair of Oakley Holbrooks, These lenses fit perfectly - popped the old ones out at fit the new ones in less than a minute. I got the blue/ purple lenses - they are slightly more purple than the original lenses but still look great, polarising lenses are really relaxing on the eyes too. I'll be getting replacements for my Ray Bans too. Highly recommended.
5 out of 5 Stars!

Incredible replacement lenses!

I purchased a set of replacement lenses for my out-of-manufacture Ray Ban sunglasses. I upgraded to polarized glass lenses and the fit was flawless! They are beautiful lenses. I highly recommend The Sunglass Fix store!
Marcus Vasconcelos
Brandon, Manitoba
5 out of 5 Stars!

Sunglasses fit have redefined customer service

Due to a mistake on my part I ordered the wrong size. The response of Sunglasses fix was within ours. The same day they shipped a replacement and simply asked for the return of the original order. The lenses sent were not only of excellent quality in fact far superior to the lenses in the original Ray Ban sunglasses.
Ian Sherdley
Benahavis Spain
5 out of 5 Stars!

My Chanel Sunglasses are like New

My completely useless Chanel sunglasses are like brand spanking new! Many times I considered throwing them away but couldn't bring myself to do it. Wow, am I glad I didn't. I have just ordered two more pair of replacement lenses for a Fendi and a Ray Ban rare design. So happy. Have told everyone who will listen to me about this great company!
Renee Lavine
Fort Worth, Texas
5 out of 5 Stars!

Oakley Glasses

Hello, really great service. 14 days from AU to Austria in Europe. Glasses fit perfect, i´ll oder the next ones fure sur on the site!!!!
Vienna Austria
5 out of 5 Stars!

Better than original lenses and great service!!

I had a pair of Ray Ban Justin’s with lenses that were scratched out and cooked! I was looking at buying new ones, but came across this Australian made product. Replaced the lenses at a fraction of replacement cost and I think they are better than the original ones. I made a mistake and ordered the wrong size, but the follow up service was outstanding. Sent the correct size out to me without delay with self adddssed envelope enclosed to return the incorrect ones. Thanks Heaps
Damien Viney
5 out of 5 Stars!

Oakley Tailpin

Two week delivery to USA. Perfect fit great lenses, will order more.
Jon Korb
Cedar Springs, Michigan
4 out of 5 Stars!


HI ! today i receive my new lenses, fit well on frame, shipping and information from you perfect, let´s go to sun and beaches and see how beautiful is our world ! Thanks
Pedro Manuel Emperador Castillo
Barcelona, Spain
5 out of 5 Stars!

Exceptional service and product

I have used this company twice. First time was to replace my lenses in a pair of Oakley Spikes. Quick, easy to fit and dare I say it, better than the original lenses! Second pair was a custom made lens replacement for a rare pair of Hugo Boss HB5795, where the lenses were trashed. I have just taken delivery of them from Australia and my word, I am so impressed. From initial contact to the updates throughout the process, the customer service has been unbelievable. Mr CEO, your staff are a credit to your organisation.
Luke Lane
Essex, UK
5 out of 5 Stars!

Quality lenses

In 2015 I had my lenses changed on my Tiffany’s sunglasses because of a recent Lasik eye surgery and didn’t want to buy a new pair of sunglasses because of the prescription lenses I had. I was impressed of quality of these lenses and still use them today. I am now shopping for a new pair of sunglasses and I will be shipping my lenses for an upgrade again. Thank you Nancy From Canada
Ottawa Canada
5 out of 5 Stars!


So happy with my replacement lenses!! It took me ages to find sunglasses that I actually liked (bought them in Paris) and I was gutted when my 2 year old son scratched the lenses when he fell over while he was carrying them. Thankfully Sunglasses Fix came up on the google search and I was able to replace the lenses (with the help of husband) for a fraction of the cost of new sunnies (including trip back to Paris :D). Thank you Sunglass Fix!!!
5 out of 5 Stars!

So good I need more.....

Just received my replacement lenses for my Oakley Half Wires which are fab. I am so impressed that I have now ordered replacement lenses for Oakley Cohorts and Oakley XLJ. Looking forward to having three new looking pairs of Oakley for a fraction of the cost of a new pair.
Julia McCall
5 out of 5 Stars!

Great product and service *****

Really happy with the replacement lenses for my wife's Bvlgari sunglasses. Arrived in UK really quickly too. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend and would definitely use again.
5 out of 5 Stars!

Replacement lenses for my Vaurnet sunglasses

Wow, they fit great and the lenses are outstanding! Sure beats hundreds for a new pair!
Need Gamble
Jamestown Rhode Island USA
5 out of 5 Stars!

Perfect glass replacement!

My rayban glasses din't even last for 1year you could see scratches on the lenses so worthless paying alot of money and getting shit... well with sunglassfix i just received my lenses and i have installed them which was easy and the lenses i chose was the exact thing i needed...lets see how long this lasts.. thank you so much
Anand meghani
5 out of 5 Stars!

Smith Mainline Lenses

Great replacement lenses that are no longer available through Smith Optics for my Mainline frames at a reasonable price. I'm hard on lenses and so far the durability has been good with no visible scratches after 3-4 months of daily use. I need to buy a few more pairs because I didn't want to invest in more than one just in case they were poor quality. Don't hesitate, buy from The Sunglass Fix!
Golden, Colorado
5 out of 5 Stars!

Maui jim sugar beach

Muy buena lente de repuesto.,me enviaron incluso un manual de como se desmontan las lentes usadas.,ya que en este modelo tienen cierta dificultad..fantásticas.. yo diría que son incluso mejores que las originales..envío rápido.. un placer...gracias por todo...saludos.
Roberto Rodriguez' Rodriguez
Palma de mallorca ESPAÑA
5 out of 5 Stars!

Absolutely Brilliant

My Oakley Trillbe's lasted me well but in time they get scratched and would buy a new pair from Oakley at a really high price, I got recommended this site and even though I had my doubts the price was half of what Oakley would charge so I gave it a go and I am really happy I did. Ordering was as easy as it comes with simple options and simple shipping. I was given good guidelines on how long it would take even though it came much sooner than I anticipated. The lenses were really easy to change and the free bag was a nice touch, the lenses are equivalent to Oakleys but at half the price, very happy with the whole service.
Jake Willis
5 out of 5 Stars!

**Excellent service**

Excellent service from sunglass fix. My Oakley lenses were damaged and Oakley said it won't cover under the warranty and it cost me $15 to send it to Oakley for warranty check. When I ring Oakley service for replacement lenses, they said it will cost $99 for a new pair, when the whole sunglass cost only $120. Then I found sunglass fix through Google search. I ordered for a replacement lenses for my Oakley sunglasses. received on time with out any damage. One of the lenses I received was loose from the frame. When I informed this to sunglass fix, the customer service person was ready to resend another piece with out asking further questions. Thank you very much sunglass fix. Great service and competitive price.
Perth, WA
5 out of 5 Stars!


Just received my ray ban polarised lenses, absolutely brilliant and so easy to replace. Want also to say how easy the company/website was to deal with!
5 out of 5 Stars!

Amazing customer service!

I had a pair of hardly-worn prescription Ray-Bans that I wanted to convert to standard sunglasses, so The Sunglass Fix seemed the obvious choice. I wasn't sure how well the communication would work between the UK and Aus, but I didn't need to worry as the customer service was fantastic. Unfortunately, the template used did not quite match my glasses, but the team persevered and worked out a solution. Each time I sent an email, I received an immediate overnight response. I am now delighted with my refurbished Ray-Bans - thank you to The Sunglass Fix!
John H
Guildford, England
5 out of 5 Stars!

Too Good to be true? Not! Got my Persol's fixed!

My son gave me a pair of expensive Persol sunglasses several years ago. I carelessly scratched a lens and began my search to see if the lenses could be replaced. The Sunglass Fix survey to locate the proper lenses was simple to navigate and the company accepts PayPal. Ordered the lenses July 2-received today July 16th, 2018--I think that is quite swift considering US Independence holiday and they ship from Australia. I must add I took the frames and lenses to a local Lenscrafters and they installed for free (I would have paid them). This could not have been easier! Thank you-I'll be more careful with these lenses.
D. Robbins
Patrick, SC USA
5 out of 5 Stars!

Great lens for Belle Kicker

Got the lenses in a timely manner. Packaging was great, we’ll protected. Just a little difficult to install but now I’ve got a brand new pair of sunglasses. Great fit, looks good and since I got the darkest color they really block the bright Texas sun. From a kindred spirit (Texans and Aussies), thanks mates. Now if you can direct me to someone who sells the earpiece, I can buy me another set of lenses.
Larry Denison
Corinth, TX
5 out of 5 Stars!


10 Days to arrive in the UK from ordering. My Oakley Half Jacket XLJ and my wife's Oakley tightropes were going to be thrown away due to severely scratched lenses. However, I stumbled across the Sunglassfix after searching for replacements lenses and for less than half the price of a new pair of shades I took the risk. Very pleased I did as the quality seems superb. Thanks all at Sunglass Fix, great service!!!!!!
5 out of 5 Stars!

Great lenses

Great lenses thank you so much for sending me lenses for my 30-year-old Smith sliders. I am so impressed with your service that I decide to send you this note from Houston Texas. One of my best friends just moved back to Australia to be with her mother she was a tennis pro at our briar club. If you ever come to Texas you’re welcome to come to my house
Robert L Ingram
Houston, Texas 77019
5 out of 5 Stars!

IC Berlin

Replaced my cracked Ic Berlin Black Body lenses! Looks even better now with the silver mirror. Total cost: $33. Had I gone to my local eyewear shop and had them custom cut lenses? $100.
Irvine, CA
5 out of 5 Stars!

Oakley Gascans

Just received my replacement lenses for my Gascans. Really pleased, the lenses are as good, if not better than the originals were. I thought I would have buy a new pair until I found this website. Measuring and making sure I ordered the right model was easy using the instructions on the site. Delivery took 2.5 weeks to UK, using standard free delivery. They were a doddle to fit. To all intents and purposes I now have a new pair of glasses for a quarter of the price of a new pair. Would highly recommend this company.
Little Britain. Small xenophobic island off the coast of Europe
5 out of 5 Stars!

Oakleys back to brand new!

Thought my sunnies were for the bin after some product ruined the coating. Searching for replacement lenses brought me here. A fraction of the Oakley price, delivered quickly, although across the world and followed video instructions online to easily replace the lenses. All looking great now! Happy to recommend.
Drew Leitham
Livingston, Scotland
5 out of 5 Stars!

What an elegant way to repair my sunglasses and replace prescription lens no longer needed

I have been wearing prescription lenses for a while but I do have a favourite frame that I like very much. Now that I have had cataract surgery I decided to get a set of Sunglass-Fix lenses to replace the prescription lens in the frames that I really like. Thank you. I'm very pleased with the result and the replacement was a breeze.
Colin Parker
Parksville, British Columbia, Canada
5 out of 5 Stars!

What a Service!!! ????????

My lenses for my favourite Prada sunglasses arrived in Ireland 10 days from the day I ordered them. With the help of the online video I replaced the lenses in 10 minutes. My Prada sunglasses are like new again except this time I have polarized lenses! Fantastic!!
Dublin, Ireland
5 out of 5 Stars!

Super service

I ordered my lens which took exactly 6 days to arrive. Thats decent if it’s the same country but I’m talking delivery from Australia to the UK. The lens are a perfect fit for my Oakley carbon shift and they were easy to fit. All in all a perfect service all round. Thanks very much.carl
5 out of 5 Stars!

Dragon Sunglasses

Sensational, my missus bought me these sunglasses and they were fantastic but I scratched the lenses and thought oh no but done some searching and found sunglass fix with the easy to follow sizing and even easier to follow installation and removal good as new and back to being my favourites I have 2 pairs of Dragons different styles.
Chris Tarbuck
Urraween QLD
5 out of 5 Stars!

Love my new lenses

I was not sure what to expect but I am super inpr seed with the quality of thes Oakley replacement lenses. Easy to order, fast shipping and easy to install myself (their video tutorial made it a breeze). I’m ordering another pair for my back up glasses.
Julie Fields
Livermore, CA
5 out of 5 Stars!

I thought my Ray Bans were done.

My favorite pair of sunglasses I've had for seven years finally took one too many falls from my head, the lense broke. I thought they were done for. 11 days later and a five minute install, they are good as well as new. Thank you Sunglass fix.com.
Citrus heights CA
5 out of 5 Stars!

My favourite Ray Bans live again!

I had long given up hope of being able to use my Ray Bans as the model had been discontinued and Ray Ban were no longer making the lenses - and I had looked everywhere. As a last ditch attempt I looked at The Sunglass Fix. I must admit I was sceptical. At such a relatively low cost, I couldn't see how they could supply lenses made to measure, with the same quality as originally supplied by the manufacturer and ship them to the UK but they did all of the above in no more than 6 days! Fantastic service and will definitely use again and recommend to all of my friends. Thank you.
Jim Sherlock
London, UK
5 out of 5 Stars!

Ray Ban RB4039 - 63mm yedek lensler

Ürün elime ulaştı. Anlatıldığı gibi çok kaliteli. Her şey için Thanks
Ali Doğan
5 out of 5 Stars!

For the people of Spain...... Excelente.

Dado que tengo unas monturas de sol que tienen mas de 15 años, y la propia fabrica dejó de proporcionar recambios de sus lentes.... Esta empresa, no solo te proporcina recambio del cualquier marca y modelo, si no que ademas, son rapidos y serios. Os recomiendo no guardar en un cajón vuestras antiguas gafas, y si son de marca conocida, les deis otra oportunidad... Muy recomendable, excelente servicio. Gracias
Ramon Zamora
Barcelona, Catalunya ,Spain
5 out of 5 Stars!

Mes Oakley ont une deuxième vie

On m'a donnée des Oakley square Wire 2.0 mais les verres étaient très abimés, J'avais demandé à un opticien pour les faire changer et on m'a répondu que c'était le prix des lunettes. Et un jour je suis tombé sur sunglass fix et j'ai pu comander de nouveaux verres à moindre coût. Je les ai reçu en même pas 2 semaines, Très vite montés, mes lunettes sont comme neuves, j'adore.
Audrey Fabbri
Reignier, France
5 out of 5 Stars!

Ray Ban

Thank you very mush my lens on my sun glasses fell out and smashed thought that was a good pair of two hundred and fifty dollars gone. found your site and was easy to find a pair of replacement lenses. only needed the right side so i popped that in cant tell the difference between the two, very good quality thank you saved my favorite pair of sun glasses .
ralph spiegel
minto nsw
5 out of 5 Stars!

Wow, Extremely satisfied.

Thank you so much Sunglassfix. I was sceptical that these lenses would be so clear and fit so perfectly in my Oakley Sliver XL. I am so happy i can keep my favourite fitting sunnies for a fraction of the cost of new and the lenses look identical to the original Oakley Glasses. You have gained a customer for life. Cheers,
Adam Rees
Gold Coast
5 out of 5 Stars!

Great fitment and quality. Shipping was not as bad as expected (US)

Ordered new polarized lenses for my Dolce & Gabbana DG6081. Came in a reasonably quick timeframe compared to estimates. Quality is top notch. I will definitely buy any replacement lenses from you guys in the future. Free soft case for your glasses too!
Christopher Matute
Bay Area, CA
5 out of 5 Stars!

Better than expected

I first ordered replacements for my Maui Jim sports. Since I liked them so much, then I ordered replacements for my Revo (and also others for my mom's Revo). Actually for me these 2 sunglasses brands are among the best, so I believed the best sunglasses were made in Italy and Japan. But now I think the best optical quality is achieved by Sunglass fix in Australia. Seriously, I've tried them in various high glare conditions (beach, driving, lakes, etc) and they are the best. They're also easier to clean and harder to scratch.
Mike Evertsz
Aguascalientes, Mexico
5 out of 5 Stars!

Simply do what they are supposed to do

I love my Oakley Gascan sunglasses. I love them so much that my last 3 pairs of sunglasses have all been Oakley gascans. The only issue that I have with them is that I keep scratching the lenses. Oakley have decided to discontinue the gascan model and so the official replacement lenses are few and far between and cost around $120 a set (non polarised). I googled replacement lenses and sunglassfix came up. For just under $75 I was able to purchase 2 sets (I still had my older frames) of polarised replacement lenses, a significant upgrade on the originals. For the price I have to say I was a bit worried that the lenses wouldn’t be a good quality or that something would be wrong. Today the lenses arrived (6 business days after ordering, I’m in Western Australia so not bad at all). I fitted the lenses myself in about a minute (both pairs of sunglasses). The lenses were of equal (if not better) quality than the original Oakley lenses except the the new lenses are polarised and the colour was spot on to the original colour. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending sunglassfix lenses to anyone. They just simply do what they are supposed to do and I will use them again in the future.
Neil Turner
Perth, Western Australia
5 out of 5 Stars!

My three pairs of electric sunnies are back!!!

I had three pairs of the same electric BIG BEAT sunnies as the lens got scratched I bought a new pair and wore the old pair at work . Now I have three new pairs with polarised lenses for a fraction of the cost. Install and delivery was great I am one happy customer..
Timmy B
5 out of 5 Stars!

Saved My Oakleys

My beloved Oakley Half Wire 2s started de-polarising and bubbling. Having contacted Oakley and a specialist optician with no luck and no suggestions as to what I could do, I took to the web to see what I could find. I found The Sunglass Fix - and am I glad I did! I found my lenses easily on the site, placed my order and sat back to wait - after all; the lenses were coming from the other side of the world! 3 weeks' later and they turned up on the doorstep together with a nice sunglasses drawstring bag. The fit perfectly and I am very grateful to The Sunglass Fix for saving my Oakleys.
Chris Bromberger
London, England
5 out of 5 Stars!

My Jimmu Choo sunglasses are back to new

I thought for sure I would have to throw them in the garbage. But a huge THANK YOU. I had to send my glasses in because they were custom lenses. Thank you again - They are PERFECT!
Chris Rodriguez
Erie, Pa
5 out of 5 Stars!

Great !!!!!!!

Took almost 3 long weeks but finally I got them , just installed them and my old glasses are back to LIFE !! Color its great and just what I wanted .......thanks you very much !!!!!!!
Alfredo Salinas
5 out of 5 Stars!

rework to custom fit lenses to my unbranded frames

About four years ago I had both my cataracts done and had to wear sunglasses as I was working as a bus driver in West Cornwall UK. Trying many pairs that wern't any good a friend of mine gave me his vintage 1970s pair, they were excellent. Unfortunatley dropped them and put a chip in the glass lens, gutted. After an opticion told me it would cost me about£150 to get new lenses it was time to go hunting. Found the sunglasses fix, looked at loads of of reviews and decided this was the right choice. After wearing them in different conditions this week I have to say hand on heart they are the best lenses I've ever had, making stand out brilliantly and reducing glare, top class service and pakaging and correspondance could not be bettered anywhere, thenk you all so much, I will definately be ordering some different colours in the future
Richard George
Penzance West Cornwall UK
5 out of 5 Stars!

Great service, excellent product

Thought my Ray_Bans were for the bin after breaking a lens.found Sunglass Fix online Ordering was a simple step-by-step process Very secure package received exactly 1 week later ( to Scotland ) After watching installation video on website replaced lenses in approximately 5 minutes Great product, great service, I would highly recommend, and will use this service again, can't praise enough Keep up the good work Many thanks
W Weir
5 out of 5 Stars!


I ordered my replacement lenses for my Mj sports. They were a direct fit. I wasn’t to sure of ordering for sunglass fix since there on the other side of the globe from me. But I did . And it was the best decision I made with this company. I definitely recommend this company for replacement lenses. I really don’t write reviews, I’m actually the one that reads reviews and make a decision based on testimonies from actually clients. So I definitely recommend this guys here ????
Javier Osorio
5 out of 5 Stars!

Arnettes better than original

I replaced the lenses in my Arnette Fire Drill’s that had seen better days, the optics in the new lenses are superb (highly recommend getting the polarised), better than the original and with the new lenses in the sunglasses look brand new again. Far cheaper than buying a new pair and arrived via post in days. Highly recommend.
Killarney, Vic
5 out of 5 Stars!

I have my old sunglasses back!

I had a pair of Oakley's which I absolutely loved but hairspray and wearing glasses on your head are not a good combination!! I held onto the glasses hoping to find a pair of replacement lenses. I found the Sunglass Fix website a couple of weeks ago and decided to give them a try. Lenses arrived today and I am happy to say I am thrilled with the lenses. I chose to have polarised lenses which I think are better than the originals. Thank you so much!!
Heidi White
5 out of 5 Stars!


Service/Professionalism =10/10
5 out of 5 Stars!

Better than the original Prada lenses

I've had my sunglasses for 7 or 8 years, but I haven't worn them for the last 5 years because the lenses were badly scratched and the coating had begun to come off the lenses. I tried contacting Prada's Australian distributor hoping to source replacement lenses, but I was told they no longer produce the spr20h models, and they don't have spare lenses available. They cost me around $300, so I kept them hoping that one day I'd be able to get some lenses custom made. A couple of weeks ago I can across an advertisement for replacement lenses and decided to give the Sunglass Fix a try. Man, I am so happy I did. The lenses arrived today, and fit straight into my frames. Not only were they much better looking than the standard lenses, they outperform the standard ones in every way. I'll be ordering some polarised lenses next, they're that good! Thanks guys, and happy new year! G.
George Seirlis
Melbourne, Victoria
5 out of 5 Stars!

Best lenses

My Revos look like new. I love the new lenses. They fit and look like the originals, the glasses are lighter. It’s saved me, quite a bit of cash, from purchasing new sunglasses. Great purchase., great service.Thanks guys.
Nicholas Stribakos
Melbourne, Victoria
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