Optical Screws 2x 1.6mm, 2 x 1.4mm 2 x 1.2mm to replace original frame or hinge screws.




Product Details

Optical Screws to replace most sunglass hinge and frame screws:

  • 2  Screws that are 1.6mm in diameter and 4-6.0 mm lon
  • 2  Screws that are 1.4mm in diameter and 4-6.0 mm long 
  • 2  Screws that are 1.2mm in diameter and 4-6.0 mm long
  • Screws are usually longer than required so they can be cut down to suit all applications. Wire cutters do this very easily.
  • Free Shipping anywhere in the world with purchase of lenses.  
  • Please NOTE - No Returns accepted for this product as they are provided and shipped for such a low cost. Please measure your current screw diameter before ordering. 
Please contact us if you have special requirements as we do have many other sizes of screws.

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  • Model: na
  • Width: 56 mm
  • UV Protection
  • Anti-scratch
  • One pair of lenses
Professional Installation Recommended

Replacement Lens Types for Sunglass Repair Tools and Parts na - 56mm Wide

SFx Ultimate Lenses

Our Ultimate Lenses are made from polyamide. This material has similar optical properties as glass lenses. However, they are 1/3 the weight of glass and are significantly safer as they do not break. They last longer than most polycarbonate lenses and provide clearer vision. Polyamide lenses are found in some of the top models from high end lens manufacturers. While most manufactures use polycarbonate for their mid range sunglasses they will put Polyamide in their top of the line models.

Ultimate lenses can not be used as safety lenses. They can withstand a steel ball traveling at 120 feet per second. Safety requirements demand 150 feet per second which is what polycarbonate, the most common safety lens, can withstand.

Polycarbonate Lenses (PC)

Our SFx High Clarity and PC Polarized lenses are made from Polycarbonate.

Polycarbonate lenses are one of the most common sunglasses lenses found on the market. Most fashion and sports sunglasses use this medium in their lenses. It is a very safe lens and is the only lens to be used for safety glasses.

It's optical properties are not as good as glass or our Ultimate lenses and they can slightly distort or magnify things. However, this is subtle and most users do not notice it. However, if you have sensitive eyes you will be better off with our Ultimate lenses.

Not all colors are available in all lens models
We are no longer custom coloring sunglass lenses at this point in time but new colors are added regularly

Common Questions About Sunglass Repair Tools and Parts na - 56mm Wide Replacement Lenses