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Push in Nose Pads

Push in nose pads attach to the glasses frame by a small rectangular opening on the nose stem. The nose pads are slightly tapered so once they go into the opening they stay there.  To see if your glasses are push in's inspect the nose stem and ensure there is no screw holding the nose pad in place.  Be careful not to get the Push in and system 3 nose pads confused as push in’s usually have a smaller opening to push the pads through.

Screw in Nose Pads

Screw in nose pads attach to the glasses frame by a small screw. To see if your glasses are screwed in look closely to see if there is a small screw holding your nose pad in place.

Clip On / Crimp Nose Pads

A clip on or crimp on nose pads have two metal stems that wrap around the nose pad stem on the frame.  To check if your nose pads are clip on's  inspect the original nose pads and see if they are mounted with metal arms wrapped around your nose pad stem.

System 3 Nose Pads

System 3 nose pads are similar to push in nose pads but tend to have larger receivers on the nose pad stem.  To see if your nose pads are System 3 see if it has a larger receiver hole on the nose pad stem. It’s also important to check the receiver shape and nose pad sizes before ordering. These are common on Oakley Sunglasses.

Post Mount Nose Pad

Post mount nose pads slides over the metal nose pad stem.. To see if you require post mount nose pads see if your nose pad currently mounts complete over the existing nose pad stem.

Rubber Nose Pads

Rubber nose pad come in many shapes and sizes and are usually produced differently for each model. They are hard to find. Therefore the Sunglass Fix recommends Sugru, a rubber molding compound. Sugru can be shaped into any rubber nose pad size. Once formed and mounted on your sunglasses it should be left for 24hrs to set.  It then becomes a long lasting, high performing rubber nose pad replacement that fits your nose perfectly


The first thing one should determine is  how your current nose pads mount to your sunglasses.  it’s best to remove your current nose pads. This will allow you to determine the exact mounting style and meausre them for sizing.

Click on which mounting type you have and then you can see what we have available. Please feel free to contact us if you have any problems or can not find what you are looking for.