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Use our finder below to locate your exact model or browse the images on the specific brand page. Then all you have to do is choose your lenses from our wide range of precision sunglass optics.
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How to find
your sunglass model?
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Custom Lenses
If you can’t find the sunglasses you’re after, don’t worry. With our custom made service we can engineer and precision cut a pair of premium quality lenses just for you. What’s more, the only extra cost is the postage.
Not only will we design a bespoke pair of high quality optics for your sunglasses, we’ll fit them for you too. Just be sure to send us the original lenses with your frames; that way we’ll ensure that your new lenses are supremely accurate to within 50μm.
Custom Made
The Sunglass Fix are the original and the best aftermarket replacement sunglass lenses. That’s just two of the reasons why we’ve got more happy customers than anyone else.