There are 3 primary components required to identify your sunglass model for proper replacement lens selection.
  1. Model Number
  2. Lens Size
  3. Frame Shape

Finding Sunglass Model:

The Sunglass Fix stores it's replacement lenses at the sunglass model and size level. The sunglass model is usually a four digit numbers stamped on the inside left arm. However, many compnaies, such as Oakley,Von Zipper, and Electric simply use a nsame.
We do not store all the subsequent number as those refer to all the frame and lens colour coldes the manufacturers use.  Therefore, if you have a Ray Ban frame look for the RB#### number on the arm. Just type the #### numbers in the search engine and it will probably only display a few models along with their photos.
How to Find Your Model Name or Model Number on Your Sunglasses so you can get replacement lenses from The Sunglass Fix

Finding Sunglass Size or Lens Width:

Lens width information is very important. Lens information is usually on the arms. Look for two numbers usually preceding a small square on your arms. This could be located on the nose bridge as well. Alternatively, measure your sunglasses as instructed below to ensure you get the right lenses for your frames.
Other brands such as Oakley, Electric, Von Zipper, and Spy  usually only has one size. They also use names more often than model number. If they do have different sizes they usually have an S added to the name for small. Oakely also make Asian Fit frames which are tighter fitting frames.  One exmple: The Oakley Gascan sunglasses come in the original Gascan,  Gascan S, and Gascan Asian Fit. Most of the time they are different size lenses.




The Sunglass Industry measures lens maximum width, parallel to the ground,  as the crow flies. (Not Along the lens Curve)

1) The maximum width in Millimeters (convert inches by making into decimal and multiplying by 25.4)

Example: 2 and 3/8's of an inch becomes 2.38 inches * 25.4 = 60mm

2) As the crow flies, not along the curve of the lens

If you are measuring lenses still in your frames please allow for 1-2mm for the portion of the lens under the rim.

how to measure sunglass replacement lenses lens width with calipers

how to measure a lens with a ruler

table to show inches in millimeters