Custom Made or Installed - Free Installation

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Regular Sunglass Lenses:

  • Regular Lenses are the most common lenses installed by manufactures.
  • They are found in most fashion sunglasses regardless of price.
  • Our Regular Lenses provide 100% UV protection and meet or exceed all known government sunglass standards.
  • They are durable and in many cases exceed the original manufactures lenses in terms of optical clarity and durability.

Polarized Sunglass Lenses:

  • If road glare or bright sunlight is an issue for you polarized lenses are the solution.
  • They reflect unwanted glare away from yoru eyes reducing eye strain.
  • Many customers suffering from migraines claim our polarized lenses help reduce their frequency.
  • All our polarized lenses provide 100% UV protection and meet or exceed all known government sunglass standards.
  • Poalrized lenes are far more complex to manufacture thus the higher price.
  • Polarized lenses can be slightly less durable than a regular lenses.
  • If no colour options show up when you select Polarized lenses this means we can not make polarized lenses for your model at this point in time.
  • More Information on polarized lenses can be found here
  • SFxEdge (non-polarized)
  • SFxUltra (polarized)

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Lens Colours

  • Clicking on the Lens Colours brings Up Large Image
  • Photos are close representations but graphics may vary slightly from Actual Lenses
  • Lens colours shown are the only colours we can fit in the models.

** Please note, if there are two of the same colour lens in the same lens type it usually means we offer our higher end ultimate lenses as well as the polycarbonate version of the same colour lens.

  • Ultimate Black Hardcoated Pair-|Cat3-85%|100%UV|
  • Ultimate Black Hardcoated Pair-|Cat3-85%|100%UV|
  • Ultimate Black Gradient Hardcoat|Cat3-85%|100%UV|
  • Ultimate Black Gradient Hardcoat|Cat3-85%|100%UV|
  • Ultimate Brown Hardcoated Pair  |CAT3-85%|100%UV|
  • Ultimate Brown Hardcoated Pair  |CAT3-85%|100%UV|
  • Ultimate Brown Gradient Hardcoat |Cat3-85%|100%UV|
  • Ultimate Brown Gradient Hardcoat |Cat3-85%|100%UV|
  • Ultimate G15 Green Hardcoat Pair|Cat3-85%|100%UV|
  • Ultimate G15 Green Hardcoat Pair|Cat3-85%|100%UV|
  • Ultimate Gold Mirror Brown Pair|Cat3-85%|100%UV|
  • Ultimate Silver Mirror Black Pair|Cat3-85%|100%UV|
  • Ultimate Silver Mirror Black Pair|Cat3-85%|100%UV|
  • Ultimate Light-Blue Mirror Black |Cat3-85%|100%UV|
  • Ultimate Blue Mirror Black Pair |Cat3-89%|100%UV|
  • Ultimate Blue Mirror Black Pair |Cat3-89%|100%UV|
  • Ultimate Grn-Yellow Mirror Green |Cat3-85%|100%UV|
  • Ultimate Red-Orange Mirror Black |Cat3-85%|100%UV|
  • Ultimate Extrm Slv Mirror DrkBlck|CAT4-92%|100%UV|
  • Ultimate Yellow Hardcoated Pair |CatI-18%|100%UV|
  • Polycarbonate Clear Hardcoat Pair|CatI-10%|100%UV|
  • Closest Match To Current From Our Selection
  • Closest Match To Current From Our Selection

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The Sunglass Fix requires your frames and at least one original lens to custom make or install lenses for your sunglasses.

Customers outside of Australia Mail their frames in.  We charge 7.95 to mail the frames back. There is an option to add tracking service at cost at checkout.

If you are in Australia there are two options to choose from:

Pick up and Delivery: We send you out a flat pack box and prepaid post back to our facility. This ensure your sunglasses are packed well and travel safetly to our facility. However, it does take longer as you have to wait for the pick up kit to arrive in the mail.

You Mail In: You mail your sunglasses frames in and we mail them back to you registered post.  It's a faster option but does require you to pack your sunglasses well.

Further instructions on best ways to pack your sunglasses are on here:


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Common Sunglass Accessories:

4 in 1 optical screw driver

Extra Microfiber Cleaning Cases

Optical Screws

Perfect for tighening hinges and installing lenes in metal framed sunglasses.

  1. 2.4mm and 2.2 mm Hex nut drivers. Common in Optical Industry
  2. Phillips Head Screw Driver
  3. Flat Head Screw Driver

Lite Aluminum Frame, Steel Blades

6 cm long and 5 grams total weight

The Sunglass Fix provides a case for free with your lens purchase.

However, if you require more of these handy, high quality cases you can order them here at heavily a discounted price

Optical Screws to replace most sunglass hinge and frame screws:

  • 2  Screws that are 1.2mm in diameter and 4.0 mm long 
  • 2  Screws that are 1.4mm in diameter and 6.0 mm long
  • 2 Screws 1.6mm in diamter

Screws are usually longer than required so they can be cut down to suit all applications usng wire cutters or a file. 

Free Shipping anywhere in the world with purchase of lenses.  

Please NOTE - No Returns accepted for this product as they are provided and shipped for such a low cost. Please measure your current screw diameter before ordering. 

** Other sizes are available. Just contact The Sunglass Fix



* Includes Free Shipping
Original Image Without SFx Lenses
Modified Image With SFX Lenses

Sunglass Replacement Lenses Custom Made for your Frames with Free Installation


Can't find sunglass replacement lenses for your model?  Diffiuculty making out that worn out model number on the arm of your sunglasses? Just want us to install your sunglass replacement lenses for you?  You have found the right place. Just select the type of lenses and colour you would like in your sunglass frames, elect your shipping option, then leave the rest to The Sunglass Fix. 

Once your frames arrive we will make and install your choice of lens in your sunglasses. We also tighten your hinges and do a general clean up of your sunglasses.

Try our award winning sunglass lens replacement service and experience why so many of our customers claim our lenses perform better than their originals lenses. We offer one of the best lens guarantees on the market and stand behind our products and services. 

The Sunglass Fix manufactures and its own line of sunglass lenses. We professionally shape our lenses to fit almost any sunglass frame on the market. We supply lenses for optometrist amd high end sunglass manufacturers. However, we take great pride in offering lenses directly to consumers like you so you can keep your sunglasses performing like new for years to come at a fraction of the price you originally paid.

How Does it Work?

  • We need your frames and original lenses if you still have them
  • We ask that customer place an order before sending in their frames. This way we know what you want, who to ship the completed sunglasses back to, and the process is not delayed waiting for payment.
  • Ordering is simple, select lens type you want, the colour option, and the shipping option. Press order and check out.  We will follow up within one business day with detailed shipping instructions.

How Long Does it Take to get new lenses?

Most of the end to end time will be the postal transit time getting your sunglasses to and from our Lab. Normally, once we receive your sunglasses we make and install new sunglass lenses in 2 to 4 business days. This does depend on how many jobs we have in our queue. However, in the rare instance where it takes us over 5 business days we will contact you.
For difficult jobs, such as rimless sunglasses, it may take us a little longer as the require significantly more time to design and create your lenses.
We will send you an email once the job is complete letting you know that your rebuilt sunglasses are on their way home. For more information on shipping for custom made sunglasses please click here.
Most sunglasses can be shipped from anywhere in the world to Australia for around $12 USD using 1st class air mail. We've been doing this for customers around the world for 8 years now and find it very safe and reliable. 
Within Australia expect to pay $7.45 depending on type of post you use or try our pick up and delivery service. 

Things to Know:

  • We can not make single mask, goggle lenses where one lens covers both eyes.
  • We require yoru frames. Making lenses from lenses seldom results in a proper fit as we have nothing to test against. Do not send just your lenses in as they will be returned at your cost.
  • *We have no affiliation with the original manufactures. Most sunglass manufacturers do not offer replacement lenses or make it difficult and expensive to replace them. We just make our own line of great sunglass lenses so people like you can replace your lenses for as little as 5% of your original purchase price.
  • Closest Match lenses are usually from the colours in the selection list. Please note that there are thousands of sunglass colours and mirroring options. We try to carry the most common and usually match them well but there may be slight differences in colours, tints, and mirroring from your originals. If you want an exact match you may be better visiting your optometrist or contacting the manufacturer for replacement lenses.

** Repair is Recycling - Read How You Can Help ***