Celine Replacement Lenses
by Sunglass Fix™

Precision Lenses For Celine Sunglasses
You will be amazed at what a new pair of replacement lenses will do for your favourite sunglasses.
At The Sunglass Fix we know how important great optics are in a pair of Celine sunglasses. That is why we have developed high quality Polyamide lenses with the optical clarity of glass. You can rest assured they are as good if not better than your original Celine lenses. We Guarantee it. You have taken the time to find a pair of Celine sunglasses you love. Restore your sunglasses to new condition with The Sunglass Fix.
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How to Find Sunglass Replacement Lenses For Your Celine Sunglasses

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Identify Your Model Number
Video to Help Identify Your Celine Model and Size of Your Sunglasses
Quality Lenses
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Reviews for Celine Sunglass Replacement Lenses

4.8 / 5 14 reviews
20 Feb 2022
Mr D
Excellent service, quick dispatch and deliu
20 Feb 2022
Mr D
Excellent service, quick dispatch and deliu
05 Dec 2021
Dianne Sampson
I cannot believe I was able to get lenses for my favourite Celine glasses that my grandson scratched. I was a little timid about popping in the new lenses so my local shop did it for me. Thank you so much.
22 Sep 2021
The lenses fit great and have saved my favorite sunglasses
26 Jul 2021
Fantastic! Like brand new.
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