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Founded in Australia in 2006
The Sunglass Fix Operates out of a central Optical Lab in Australia and has been a pioneer and global leader in the sunglass replacement lens market since 2006. We are located about 10 kilometers north of Byron Bay, the most Easterly part of Australia. Australia is 1 day ahead of the USA and 5 -7 Hours behind in time depending on daylight savings. Australia has about 22 million people, about the same population as Southern California, but is about the same size as the continental US.

All of The Sunglass Fix Lenses are produced and shipped from down under. With 100,000’s of customers across 161 countries our customers are what keep us going. We've helped many customers keep their same frames looking like new many years now. Regardless of where you live you will struggle to find better quality lenses for the price anywhere in the world. Our free worldwide shipping for lenses, combined with our award winning products and services, make replacing your lenses a very cost effective way to get new lenses for you sunglasses that in most cases exceed the original manufactures quality.

in 2005 Craig, the founder of Sunglass Fix,  was unable to find new lenses for his sunglasses.  He set out to make premium sunglass replacement lenses so customers didn't have to throw away perfectly good frames when they scratched or shattered their sunglass lenses.

Now, In 2018 we carry over 132,000 replacement lens models ready for immediate dispatch anywhere in the world. Additionally, The Sunglass Fix custom makes and installs lenses in just about any pair of sunglasses that has two separate lenses.

The Sunglass Fix focuses on environmental sustainability and corporate responsibility. Our goal is to create a viable company that employs hard working, dedicated people and provides a wonderful business solution that will help reduce environmental waste while allowing customers to repair their sunglasses instead of throwing them away. It has taken numerous years for the team at The Sunglass Fix to refine their lens technology and streamline their business operations so they can provide what they think will be an industry changing solution for sunglass users.

We certainly hope you like the idea and enjoy using our service as much as so many other of our wonderful customers have.
Quality Aspects of The Sunglass Fix's Replacement Lenses
They Perform: All our lenses are crafted from optically superb material and are coated to give glass like optical clarity. Our SFx lenses are 60% lighter than glass and are much stronger. All our SFx polarised lenses and silver mirrored lenses have a Super Hydrophobic coating that makes cleaning and repelling water during strenuous activities a breeze. They stay clear so you can perform.

Safety: All of our lenses meet AS/NZS 1067:2003 and all other known regional quality and safety standards. They provide 100% UV protection so you know your eyes are being protected. The SFx Polycarbonate (PC Polarised and High Clarity) lenses are made from the same primary material used in bulletproof glass and safety goggles making the lenses virtually shatter proof. Our Ultimate lenses are some of the safest lenses on the market. However, they fall just short of the Industrial Safety standards required for safety glasses. Please note, frames also play a big factor in safety glasses. Safety lenses in fragile frames can make good sunglasses but may not provide safety required at the workplace.

Durability: All our lenses have undergone industry standard steel wool abrasion testing and rank between 600-800% higher than competitors retailing for well over $400 in the shops. While plastic polymer lenses still lag behind glass lenses in scratch protection, they do not break and will last for years if taken care of.

Value for our customers and the Environment: We strive to offer the best products at a fair price in the most convenient manner. This allows our customers to get new lenses while saving money and helping the environment. With over a billion pairs of sunglasses being sold every year, it's time to change the way we live and reuse perfectly good sunglass frames.

Colours and Choices: Get the lenses you want, not the ones that came with your sunglasses. We can fit most sunglasses with a choice of 20 different lenses.

The Sunglass Fix Team
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