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The Sunglass Fix has over 83,000 sunglass replacement lens models in stock and ready for immediate dispacthment. Finding your lenses is easy if you know your model number. If you don't know your model number browsing by brand or sending our team a photo may be a better option for you. Our award winning, after market lenses, are guaranteed to fit and perform as good if not better than your original lenses. Find out why optometrist around the world use our services to replace lenses for their customers.  If you need help finding replacement sunglass lenses for your sunglass frames please contact us. We are happy to help.


Need more help finding out what sunglasses you own so you can order the correct sunglass replacement lenses? Just click here and we'll take you to a lot more information on how to correctly identify what sunglass model and brand you have so you can find new sunglass lenses that will fit them.

Find Your Sunglass Model and Size

  • Code or Name Usually on Arm
  • RB4057 or HIJINX are examples
  • Size Precedes a Small Square
  • 60©15 would be 60mm
  • Measure widest as crow flies


Search For Lenses

  • Use Search Search Bar Above
  • Type in Only Model Number - Less is better
  • Order Custom Made Lenses Below if You Can not find lenses


Once you've found your sunglass model, selected the lenses you'd like, just press order and checkout. Your Lenses will arrive at your doorstep.

Select Type of Lens & Checkout

  • Choose Colour and Type of Lens from drop Down Box
  • Quantity and Press Order
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  • Lenses are shipped Same or Next Business Day

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Struggling to Find Replacement Lenses for your sunglasses? No Worries, we'll make you a pair. Don't want to install the lenses? We are happy to help.

Everyday The Sunglass Fix makes lenses for customers from all around the world. It's easy and a much more affordable option than buying a new pair. Good for Mother Earth Too!