Plastic lenses are usually easy to install. The Easiest way to determine if you are going to need help installing your lenses is by trying to get the lenses out. Getting the lenses out is usually harder than getting them in. The Sunglass Fix's computers can generate a slightly tighter fit than the original manufacturers. We do this for added safety reasons. However it can be slightly harder to get the lenses in especially in models with thick plastic or very stiff rims such as Ray Ban Wayfarers. Please see the 2nd Video on installing lenses in Ray Ban Wayfarers if you sunglasses have glass lenses or you are struggling to remove the lenses. Written Lens Installation Instructions Below Videos:

How to Install your New Sunglass Replacement Lenses in Plastic Sunglass Frames
How to Install Lenses in Hard Plastic Framed Sunglasses Like Ray Ban Wayfarers and Otis Sunglasses
Our Classic First Video on how to install Lenses in Plastic Framed Sunglasses.


  • Lenses go in and out from the front, not the back.
  • Start with the widest top to bottom side of the lens (this is usually the outside, temple portion of the frame) and insert the lens firmly into the rim groove. Lay down the rest of the lens on the frame, moving as much as the lens into place as possible so only the nose portion is left.
  • Holding the top and bottom rim with the thumb and index finger of both hands use your thumbs to push down the lens and snap it into the groove. This can take a bit of effort and if necessary slightly bending the lens and the frame to get them together is fine.
  • Check all grooves and lens line. The lens should be in the groove in all portions of the rim. Bend your glasses slightly/twist the rim to ensure the lens stays firmly in place.
  • If you are still struggling to remove or install your lenses please follow the instructions below:

    • Soak your frames in hot tap water. Add a drop of dish soap to the water and let your frames soak for 20 seconds. Remove, quickly pat dry, and try to remove/install the lenses again.
    • Repeat above process a couple of times in the same water. The frames will get gradually looser as they slowly heat up.
      As mentioned above, put the tallest top to bottom lens edge in the frame first and push around until only nose or outside temple is left. Push the nose/alternate edge in firmly and it should "snap" into place for a perfect fit. Do NOT go crazy with your pushing as you could break the frame but be firm.
    • If you are still struggling to get the lenses in, measure your current lens from top to bottom and across and compare it to the new ones. Don't overlay them as the angles make this inaccurate.
    • Email or call The Sunglass Fix to get your exact dimensions to ensure we didn't make a mistake. If the lenses are close to your originals in shape and size then please follow directions above. If the lenses are not within 1 mm then stop and contact The Sunglass Fix. It's possible a different model came out in your area or you have a different design than we stock.

    If you are still struggling to remove or get the lenses in please contact us. We'll help!! Thanks